Jim Crow Slideshow

12 Jan

Jim Crow Slide Show

One Response to “Jim Crow Slideshow”

  1. Marian Humphrey 08/05/2014 at 3:56 pm #

    Good morning.Ms Weaterford! I had a wonderful talk with you while your fine Jeffrey was capturing blackeyed susans on canvas for the quick draw for Plein Air Easton. I am an elderly white lady with white hair if that’s any help in sorting me out from all your other new fans…Sorry I didnt get to Jeffrey’s studio and hope he is doing well.

    Seeing your Jim Crow slide show reminds me of the grim tales told first hand by friends experiencing those days. I was unaware of the situation as a child in the suburbs of Wasington DC However I do have a first hand tidbit to pass on with a light side.

    My black pastor grew up in “Patch Work PA”; a small mining town with a “happy” mixture of races. He says he could be found at his home at dinner time with his Italian friend or one would know to find him eating Italian food at his friend’s house.

    When young Tony went to the movies. he thought the black kids had the privilaged seats in the bacony where they threw popcorn on the heads below. He certaunly didn’t want to be underneath the food throwers!


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