A Negro League Scrapbook guide

A Negro League Scrapbook by Carole Boston Weatherford. Boyds Mills Press, 2005

Vocabulary: segregation, barnstorm, clown teams, color barrier

Discussion Questions

1. How did Negro League players feel about being barred from the major leagues?
2. How did the retired Negro League players feel when the major leagues began signing black players?
3. Who were the greatest Negro League players?


1. Create names for pitches like Satchel Paige did.
2. Draw a Hall of Fame plaque for a Negro League player.
3. Design a poster for a Negro League game.
4. Write road diary for a Negro League player on a barnstorming team.
5. Learn about baseball statistics. http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/baseball/teachers/lesson1.html
6. Study newspaper, radio and TV sports reports to find synonyms for “defeat.” List those synonyms.
7. During segregation, African-Americans were barred from many restaurants. Thus, when Negro League teams traveled they dined in black-owned restaurants, residents’ homes or on team buses. What types of foods might they have prepared and eaten on the bus? Write a menu and recipes for a meal that does not have to be heated or refrigerated. You may include canned foods and staples. Remember that many convenience foods used today were not available in the first half of the 20th century.

Online Resources

Negro League Baseball Players Association

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Negro League Baseball

National Baseball Library Hall of Fame Library


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