Dear Mr. Rosenwald guide

Dear Mr. Rosenwald, Ill. by C. Gregory Christie

A series of poems in the voice of a fictional narrator tell how sharecroppers build a school in the 1920s. SCBWI Golden Kite Honor

Themes: sharecropping, segregation, Rosenwald schools, Booker T. Washington

  1. Write poems in the voices of sharecroppers or Rosenwald School students.
  2. Write a thank-you letter or poem.
  3. Write a dialogue between Mr. Rosenwald and Booker T. Washington.
  4. Find average incomes and product prices from the 1920s. Design a floor plan for a dream school or home. Make rock candy.
  5. Host an open mic where students read poems from the book, as well as original poems related to themes in the book.
  6. Send home bookmark/discussion guide for families.
  7. Do a WebQuest:;; www.nps.rov/bowa/index.htm;

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