I, Matthew Henson guide

I, Matthew Henson: Polar Explorer, Ill. by Eric Velasquez

Thrilling verse biography culminating with the 1909 North Pole expedition.

  1. Write a diary in the voice of Henson, Peary, an Inuit guide, or Kokoyah.
  2. Draw Kokoyah. What superpowers does he have?
  3. Discuss whether the explorers believed in Kokoyah.
  4. Have teams calculate/research distances and supply needs for such an expedition.
  5. Study the polar region’s climate and wildlife, especially endangered species.
  6. Read about the rest of Henson’s life.
  7. Write a recipe for a frozen treat honoring Henson or commemorating the expedition.
  8. Stage a readers theater based on the book.
  9. Create a gallery of Inuit-inspired art.
  10. Present posters about endangered polar animals.
  11. Adapt this lesson plan based on another Henson biography.

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