Birmingham, 1963 guide

Birmingham, 1963

A fictional ten-year-old narrator witnesses a seminal event in the Civil Rights Movement. Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award, Jefferson Cup, Jane Addams Children’s Literature Honor

Themes: segregation, civil rights movement, hate violence

Primary sources: Birmingham Public Library

  1. Sing or write protest songs.
  2. Create a Civil Rights Wall of Fame.
  3. Write acrostics with “freedom.”
  4. Order a free DVD: The Children’s March or Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks from
  5. Do a WebQuest:;
  6. Write autobiographical poems after “In Memoriam.”
  7. Send home bookmark/discussion guide for families.
  8. Invite elders to share memories of the segregation or civil rights eras.
  9. Present a choral reading of the poem, incorporating the hymns and spirituals mentioned in the text.
  10. Read Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s eulogy for the victims of the church bombing.

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